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Watch as we examine the key elements of building a scalable and sustainable business that will deliver the control and ultimate freedom you've been searching for.

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Over 90 minutes of powerful but simple strategies that will give you the freedom to be First On The Beach

Unleash Your Business Growth Mindset

The five drivers in business and in life. Discover why you haven’t made it yet and what’s holding you back. Start by planting the acorn.

Recognise Your Limiting Beliefs

Look at things differently. Find out how to get off comfort zone island. Business is about taking risks, about letting go and taking a leap of faith.

Learn Why All Customers Are Two-Faced

Understand the psychology of your market place, what drives your best customers, and why you lose so many of them. It’s not what you think! 

Find The Disneyland In Your Business

Discover how customers really measure you and your business. Learn what constitutes the WOW factor and how easy it is to create.

How To Stand Out In A Crowded Market

Don’t go wide, go deep and discover your niche. Build relationships that last and that will underpin your business growth.

Define What Your Business Actually Does

Don’t fall in love with your business. Define it by what it can do, not by what it does… and then learn how to tell the world.

Execution - Stop Talking And Start Doing

You turn great ideas into outcomes by taking action. But, are you truly committed to making it happen… are you a chicken or a pig?

BONUS Video: 50 Numbers Is All It Takes

Conditioned responses are what keep you from breaking free and reaching your potential. Watch and see if you recognise yourself!

Presented by David Floyd
Founder of First On The Beach

What Customers Are Saying...

Here's just some of what you'll learn

How to plant an Acorn in your business

Learn how to move from being the owner of a small business to owning an ACORN business, with the potential to grow into a giant oak; the opportunity to build your life and business into whatever you want them to be!

Developing a growth mindset

The thinking that’s got you to where you are today won't get you to where you want to go tomorrow. Discover how highly successful entrepreneurs think differently and how this drives their business growth, and how you can do the same.​

Understanding how your market thinks

Identify your perfect customer and understand what motivates them. Learn how to find more of them and turn them into raving fans. Create a little bit of Disneyland inside your business and watch what happens!

Defining what your business does

Unless you can clearly define what your business does you’ll never stand out in a crowded marketplace. Learn how to market your uniqueness so customers actively pursue you and your products and services.

Discover that most of what you need to dramatically grow your business and thrive is free if you know where to look and what to do. The question then is, are you prepared to do what it takes?


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